Project Summary

While on contract with Infusion, I helped the team create an interactive digital experience for employees at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). This experience will be implemented nationally.

Some Challenges:

  • I came into the project while it was in Phase 2 – this required me to familiarize myself with the project and ramp-up in a short period of time
  • This project did not have formal UX research documented to validate decision-making

My Involvement:

  • Participated in discussions to improve and adjust existing user stories
  • Created 90+ wireframes in Axure based on user stories
  • Participated and presented work in weekly client meetings
  • Coordinated wireframes with the visual designer
  • Completed the UX phase of the project on time and on budget


The Process

I participated in discussions to improve and adjust existing user stories. This was a pivotal stage in determining the flow of the entire application. Using UX and UI best practices, we were able to create a smooth flow for the user to accomplish their goals.

I collaborated with my teammates to create multiple rounds of wireframes using Axure. I presented them to the client on a weekly basis for feedback and approval. This method allowed us to quickly iterate through to final approval of over 90 wireframes.


Next Steps

After successfully helping to determine the most effective ways to create meaningful interactions within this application, the Infusion team has moved on to development. This experience will be implemented nationally in corporate locations across Canada.